Dear Wisconsin, it’s time to wake up.

     Hello everyone, I hope that your day is well. Today I would like to bring you the need for a state to wake from its Walker/Koch fog and begin looking towards the Democratic Progressive light that new up and coming political figures are exuding. They are your beacon of light, your voice, and need and deserve your backing. May I present to you, Tammy Wood of Reedsburg, WI, Vice Chair of the WI Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party, and Co-Owner of Wood Pipes Smoke Shoppe located in Reedsburg, WI. #ImWithTammy should be your new motto as she builds her wings and fly’s in the name of the People.  

In the link that I provided below, you will see Tammy Wood explain her position on the economic situation currently taking place in WI. Although her name is not on the list, you will find her comments around the 8 hour mark on the video. I also provided a link from Right Wisconsin, detailing Tammy’s comments. In her comments she stresses the need to move away from manufacturing jobs as the only resolution in fixing the economy in Wisconsin. Wisconsin needs jobs, but manufacturing is not the only answer.  FOXCONN can only bring more parts and pieces for the next iPhone or the newest computer model. It cannot bring in medical research based upon its positive impact on the health of the body and mind. 

     Cannabis and hemp can greatly impact education, economic and health and wellness sectors in positive ways. Not only can it enable cancer patients to be cancer free and help PTSD suffers rebuild their inner self, it can also rebuild the infrastructure of each state through taxes while treating deadly diseases and conditions. As Tammy Wood stated, the cannabis industry along with hemp textiles, can bring a higher economic turn around than manufacturing jobs. Although there will also be environmental and health concerns to cannabis and hemp production just as any industrial production phase, the end result is a lower impact to the environment as long as restrictions are put into place a healing process in the healthcare sectors and a rebuilding process for the inner state.

Wisconsin I again implore you to read up on Tammy Wood, go visit her and her husband Brian Wood at their Pipe and Smoke Shoppe in Reedsburg, WI. You’ll see the kind of politician and Progressive she is and will be infected by her knowledge, compassion and desire to be a strong and united force for the People of WI and the united States.

#WakeUpWI a storm has come.


Re-invening the unsung inventors of world.

Children need to hear more about him. It’s time to share his true name, Granville Woods. His name is Granville Woods not “Black Edison”, and he was a major contender for Thomas Edison, major. So much so that Edison once asked Granville to become his partner AFTER Edison lost a useless law suit with Granville: Edison sued Granville over a patent and invention that truly belonged to the brain of Granville. Granville applied for sixty patents throughout his career and one was a device you could send voice messages over called the “induction telegraph”. This was the invention Edison was so jealously angry over and what we see in technology today shows the reach of Granville’s inventions. Remember him, he was just as important as Edison ever was! His name is Granville Woods and he was a badass African American inventor. Do you know one? You should share their story. I would like to hear of Indigenous inventors and women too, the ones we rarely if ever hear of. Who do you know? Granville is one of my favorites, who is yours?

Lady Spit Fire 😉😏

The Episodes of Sessions

       US Attorney Jess Sessions is showing his typical discriminatory behaviors. Sessions has been against anyone unlike himself since he first viewed his own dead black soul and only him and the in-between places know when that first took place. His soul died long ago, he buried and replaced it with racism, bigotry and hate. Here he is as usual showing the level of his hate for those who wish to be free from oppressive instilled religious beliefs based upon beatings, sexual assault, discrimination and more. Sessions and the Trump Administration seem to be hell bent on enforcing intolerant rules instead of being accepting of other’s as is supposed to be the true Christian way. I myself lay no claim to any religious denomination except that of Mother Earth and the Creator who made all that we are and see. My Creator is very different from the standard and socially accepted God most worship, but that is what makes each of us unique, human and individual beings created to dwell together on this Planet, our Mother.

        According to an article from NBC,  AG Jeff Sessions will be working hard to ensure that all religious freedoms are seen, heard, accepted and fulfilled but only as long as you meet certain criteria. Anyone from the LGBTQ community is excluded from this great deed Sessions is handling. Sessions and the Trump Administration fully intend to exclude one of the groups of people they hate enough to work hard to end the long and deadly road they travelled in order to achieve the incremental right’s they currently have. Family members and loved one’s should not have to be afraid their child, relative or friend will die from hate crimes and yet that is clearly what has taken place within the LGBTQ community. Session’s decisions and Trumps Administration are allowing personal religious beliefs to cloud their judgement towards the people of this nation. If you allow religious beliefs that discriminate lead a public business not slated only for its upheld religious community, you open the door to other forms of discrimination. What’s next Sessions, religious beliefs allowing a business owner to not provide services based upon their skin color?  




Corruption Deflection

        Well now whooowee ya’ll look what we have here. What you are seeing is a prime example of corruption in politics. Martha, you go on and get the kids now, they need to see this exhibit for future character reference.  I’m sure that you would like for your children to grow up and behave better than this fine gentleman here has behaved. It would seem that yet another political figure, someone paid by the People to be their voice, has been nothing more than a coffer filling thief. Folks I give you former Illinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock who according to the Chicago Tribune, was indicted in 2016 on 24 grand jury indictments for misappropriating government funds. And we all know what that means don’t we folks? You guessed it, the theft of taxpayer money.

        Here’s the scoop: from 2008 to 2015, U.S. Rep Schock used campaign money to lavish himself and some of his colleagues in the lap of self designed luxury, bought and paid for by yours truly, the American taxpayer. It would appear that Schock has done what countless political figures have done for decades; talk outof the side of their neck to obtain your money and votes. This type of behavior has been ongoing since commandeering the United States away from the Indigenous inhabitants became an idea and then an action. US politics has been corrupted and criminal in nature from its very inception. However, these same corrupted officials of the supposed People are the same individuals in charge of creating the laws that cages the citizens of the United States and surrounds them in fake forms of freedom. As Congressman Schock stated himself, Hillary Clinton did manage to evade criminal activity that is by far up there in high levels of capitalistic corruption. She is in my opinion, the Supreme Queen of Corruption. But that is neither here nor there as in the case of U.S. Representative Schock; he used the Clinton email scandal as a side by side example of who is more corrupt than whom. Schock, control yourself and place the blame of your corruption solely on yourself as Hillary Clinton and all other corrupted politicians should.

        Former U.S. Rep Aaron Schock  was accused of purchasing a vehicle for one of his staff members claiming it to be for campaign needs. He was also accused of using donations to his campaign to purchase sporting event items as in plane tickets, hotel rooms, event tickets and more. According to the BBC, Congressman Schock was also accused of wire fraud and filing false tax returns and used campaign funds to renovate his office,creating a political high-class lifestyle for himself.

Plot twist: in March 2017, Politico reported that Schock’s aide was actually a FBI informant. Not only that, supposedly, this aide obtained the information on Schock illegally. It would seem as politics does, all sides behave criminally and throw boulders at the opposing team. Prey tell how this is behaving or speaking in the best interests of the People that voted in their criminal misbehaving selves? Now we mustn’t forget dear taxpayer that their sins are bought and paid for by yours truly multiple times. We finance their schemes and then we finance their get out of jail free cards.

     It is high time that we the Citizens and People of the United States stand up to the corrupted officials, and begin voting in better options. If you’re tired of hearing the crap on the news about the chaos taking place in politics and just about every other social sector, then do something about it. Research into your local city and state officials then go from there. You can also share your thoughts and opinions on social media outlets such as FaceBook, Twitter or my blog. If we all stand together and discuss the things that are bothering us, then we can find the resolutions together. We may not always agree or stand on the same side, but we can come together, discuss and learn from one another, possibly finding a common path.

If you liked what you just read and what I had to say, leave a comment on my WordPress page Lady Spit Fire’s Eggulations. Remember, it’s vastly important to work together as a team if we are to make changes for the future. No one can carry the load alone, and we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers are we not?

A Storm is Comin!

A Storm is Comin!

Well hello there everyone, I hope that you and your day is being filled with what makes you swim in the world with the rest of us, sharing in our coexisting experience of diversity. I know that my day has been filled with enjoying Mother Nature through gardening and other daily outdoor green and organic forms of joy and happiness. My daily intent is to give back to our Mother and share with other’s in all that I learn.

For the past two weeks, I have been attempting to create a blog that is open for discussion on just about any topic of choice from the audience as well as my own personal choices. Unfortunately, things fell through on another site and here I am starting over, hoping to begin a dialogue with my fellow voters and average Joe and Sarah citizen’s. We all have concerns and questions that go unasked for many reasons, and I would like for my blog to be that door into some of those answers.

Currently, I am a life long student of sociology and psychology and would enjoy sharing ideas and social concepts that could perhaps help us to unite in the changing social world. There are many economic, cultural, and racial injustices that are taking place, and many of us would like an open format to discuss our differences without things turning into a hate session. However, many of us would also like to discuss non-trending topics or local city and state issues going unheard. I for one would enjoy discussing local issues nationwide such as road conditions, the environment, educational and domestic abuse needs, the things that bring us together and break us apart as a family and society. We all share in many political and socio-economic concerns, wishing for a better resolution. Our country is facing a lot of issues, and it is time to vote in new ideas and concepts that can help each city and state by voting in new people. It is time to step away from what is familiar and take a leap of faith into a new realm that could renew our internal problems. My blog will enable all of us to begin a national dialogue that could help all of us understand more about sociological concepts as well as political and environmental. We need to stand up as citizens and devise resolutions that could help each of us geographically.

My first article if you will, discusses someone I believe will fast become a political sensation in her neck of the woods. She is a storm of political truth and justice that began to come alive during the 2016 Presidential primary; she felt “the Bern” and never looked back, charging into the political scene with a new found light of change. This new Wisconsin storm could be the change that this highly Conservative Republican state needs, breathing fresh life into antiquated ideals and laws. However, before I begin to delve into her current political position, allow me to explain her initial step into the Revolution.

Tammy Wood, proud yet humble co-owner of  Wood Pipes Smoke Shoppe in Reedsburgh, Wisconsin, began her political journey as a cannabis activist. Tammy and her husband Brian have become the voice of cannabis through their family owned business and methods of raising awareness. Brian never misses an opportunity to speak to one of the locals about the benefits of cannabis. You’ll often find him wearing a shirt that causes  people to stop and ask him questions, leading to an open dialogue on medical cannabis. Tammy can be seen standing at any podium or in front of any camera willing to allow her voice to be heard detailing why the decriminalization of cannabis is beneficial to our entire nation. They are a team of truth and knowledge and share their concepts with their children who will one day grow in to be a voice of the future. According to Tammy, she began to realize how disconnected people were from cannabis due to antiquated ideals and stereotypical notions. She felt that it was her civic duty to enlighten those around her about the medical properties cannabis has always had and that decriminalizing it is the right step to take.  Below I have supplied several links for you to learn about Tammy Wood and her cannabis activism.

When I decided to begin a blog, I immediately knew the first local political individual  I wanted to be a voice for. I met Tammy Wood via Facebook around 2014-2015 time frame through our mutual beliefs on cannabis. At the time, I myself was a legal cannabis Caregiver in Colorado making medicinal medications for patients. It was during this time that Tammy and I met; I began to share some of what I was doing for my patients on Facebook to help raise awareness and reverse the stigmatism towards marijuana through social media activism. Tammy and I realized that we shared several social and political interests and began to become fast friends. I write this article not as a friend but as a professional and a voter desiring to share with the nation and the state of Wisconsin what I know of Tammy and how she can help her community develop and change and become more aware and awake together. If you desire change within the state of Wisconsin, research into Tammy Wood of Wood Pipes Smoke Shoppe in Reedsburgh, Wisconsin and you will see the change that she can bring if voted into the proper political positions. I have known Tammy for several years and she has not waivered from her stance in politics. In fact, her stance has only become stronger.

Not only has Tammy backed Wisconsinites and been their unknown voice on medical cannabis, she has also been the voice for Wisconsin farmers, water concerns and road repair issues. If you ask around town, you’ll hear of Tammy Wood and what all she has done for her community and state and what she intends for the future. Wisconsin, I urge you to learn of her, she could be your lifeline of reason in a state with massive concerns.

A few weeks ago when I was beginning my blog, I asked Tammy if I could ask her a few questions and create a dialogue based upon her responses. She of course agreed as I knew she would because she enjoys sharing her ambitions in life and concerns for the future of humanity as well as America and its citizens as much as I do. In this we can discuss a vast array of topics and devise plans to resolve things in the future. We then share our ideas with others in the hopes of creating an open dialogue that could help society become more diverse in many aspects. Below are my questions with her answers that will show you a small glimpse of the powerful, strong Revolutionary woman I have come to respect and honor for her ambition and desire for political and social change. The reasons I have such admiration and respect for Tammy Wood lie in the fact that she went from a daughter to wife and mother, to business owner and advocate to holding political positions within her community.

The Storm that you need is comin Wisconsin and her name is Tammy Wood, Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. She is also Secretary of the 3rd Congressional District of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

1). Tammy, can you please tell me a little about yourself, where in Wisconsin you grew up and what it was like to grow up in Wisconsin?

“I was born in northern Wisconsin in the late 70’s. My father was an outlaw groomed by the streets of Chicago, by the time I was five he was in prison for what would end up being my whole lifetime. My mother was raised by alcoholics, she knew there was a better way to live, she also knew it was up to her to find it, at 13 she left home determined to achieve that better. In many ways she did yet it was never easy, it’s an eternal hard fight but she always keeps fighting. The universe really should award her with an obnoxiously huge gold champion belt. 
The circumstances of my parents upbringing assured poverty and struggle. Knowing a life of hard knocks would deliver softer blows in rural Wisconsin my dad dragged my mom away from the city, she resisted but soon fell in love with the peace found in gods country.
As much as my mom loved Wisconsin, being poor and raising five kids alone forced her to move frequently. We lived various places along the Mississippi River, Illinois and Wisconsin predominantly but there were five very long years spent in Memphis. 
My time in Memphis taught me a lot, by far the greatest takeaway was my undying love for my birth state. The entire time spent there was plotting our course back. Well, thats not entirely true, there was some talk of trying out Hawaii and I was definitely on board with living in poverty on a sandy beach watching waves roll over my toes but we all knew that was just fantasy.
In the spring of 1990 after a months long road trip our family was finally home. We settled in Reedsburg, a charming small town in south central part of Wisconsin. 
I have to admit, it wasn’t until my adult years that I found the charm in Reedsburg, it was always there I just had a hard time seeing it. 
Even though I was born to this state I was still an outsider and we were poor so my teen years were filled with more than the typical angst. I made friends but could never really fit in with cliques formed since kindergarten. I felt like I was missing something but I also felt like I had something others didn’t. Living a whole life in the same small town, the rest of the world can often seem distant, too far off to have an effect. It can grow compliancy, the way things are done always have been. I was immune. I knew the differences out there. I felt blessed because of it.”

2). Tammy, can you explain to me what inspires you to be the free thinker that you are today?

“Understanding those differences certainly aids in thinking freely. But I can’t deny that it is in my blood to be a free thinker. It’s how I was raised. It’s who I am. 
My parents were both rebels in their own right. My mother is a feisty, take no shit, cause no harm kind of woman. She taught me well. Of the many valued lessons she teaches is to be true to your self. We all have that inner voice, she made certain I never silenced mine. 
As difficult as it was for her to raise a daughter whose soul was compelled to speak out she never tried to rein me in. She did make sure to keep me grounded by instilling the bond of family, we may have been poor but because we had each other, because our love was unbreakable, our wealth was more vast than any rich mans bank account. That love I have from my family allows me to never fear standing up, I’m not afraid to reach out further than I should because I know they are there if I happen to loose my balance. I’d like to believe I would still be who I am without their safety but they’ve never given me the opportunity to find out and I’d not ever wish for the chance.”

3). Tammy, can you please explain to me what your role in the Wisconsin political ring is and also what your intentions are as a public servant?

“My role in the Wisconsin political ring is undefined and fluid. Certainly I am an outsider but as of yet I’ve been welcomed. Recently I was elected to Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, in March I was selected by proclamation to be Secretary of the 3rd Congressional District of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I am still just doing what I can when I can but now it’s in a larger capacity. 
As a public servant my goals are to be a voice for what is good and right for the people. To help build a bridge from the citizens to the halls of government and to encourage as many as are willing to cross that bridge. 
The declaration that our government is one of the people, for the people, by the people is not just some antiquated idea collecting dust on the shelves of time. It is the living breathing embodiment of our country and right now it’s being slowly poisoned. The first dose came decades ago when some asshole suggested never discussing politics or religion in polite company. I have no idea who to attribute that quote to but whoever it was I wish for them very unkind things. 
As a little girl hearing those words from adults always made me recoil then immediately spring forward with some variation of why the hell not? Why should we not discuss politics I’d ask, who made those topics taboo? I’d always receive a slightly tilted smile and a glazed retort sugar coated just enough not to sour the moment but clearly abiding by the unwritten rule it wasn’t our place to speak of such things. 
My political goal is to rip that rule to shreds, to strike it from the collective consciousness of the citizens. My plan for Wisconsin politics is to take it back to the people where it’s always belonged. “

4). Tammy, can you give me a little information on your colleagues, explain to me about some of their policy positions, and ideas for change in Wisconsin?

“My colleagues are hard working Stewards of their community. They are the people who farm the land and welcome the guests. They are my neighbors and friends. They are the strangers who wave as we pass each other on our winding country roads. My colleagues are proud Wisconsinites.
Each in our own ways wants the best for our precious state. We want clean and abundant water, we want deep lung fulls of fresh clean county air. We want to love and be loved, without barriers. We want choices and sovereignty over our person, property, and ideas. We want the pursuit of happiness unencumbered by racist laws and tyrannical obstruction. Wisconsinites reject a government driven to divide and conquer. We are Determined to Unite and Succeed ✊️

5), Finally, Tammy, can you tell me what it was in Bernie Sanders that made you Feel The Bern?

Senator Sanders did not ignite the bern in me, it was always burning since the world been turning. (Billy Joel for the young ones who won’t get that reference)
What Bernie Sanders did for me was to show me I deserved a seat at the table, I would likely have to nudge and elbow my way there, but I belonged regardless.
Before Senator Sanders I was just a cannabis activist doing what I could when I could. On the outside, protesting, speaking at rallies, writing and calling my Representatives, testifying to them, that’s were I thought my place. It’s where I’ve always been. I suppose that proves I’m not as immune to compliance as I believed, in my own way I had been infected too. Senator Sanders was my antidote. ” 

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